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It's difficult for most people to talk about the possibility of getting older, passing away, and what will happen to your loved ones after you're gone. While it's a sensitive subject, a lack of planning can do families more harm than good if an unexpected tragedy occurs. At Cumberland Legacy Law, we can help you fulfill all of your needs related to estate administration and planning.

Asset Protection

You work hard for the things you own. Seeking legal counsel to protect your assets is about empowering yourself in the face of potentially losing your assets.

Business Succession Planning

We'll provide a blueprint outlining all stages of succession for clients balancing business and family goals. With our assistance, we can strive to come up with a plan that aligns with your needs, circumstances, expectations, and vision.

Charitable Planning

Contributions to the organizations and causes that you care about can also be addressed in the estate planning process. For instances when planned giving over a duration of time makes sense to you, we can help.

Elder Law

There are some issues that affect the elderly and disabled more than others. At Cumberland Legacy Law, we're committed to guiding these clients and their families through life's toughest legal decisions.

Estate Planning

Your estate is a compilation of everything you own. Establishing a plan that dictates what happens throughout your life and when you pass away can help you adequately prepare for the future and leave a legacy of which you and your loved ones can be proud of.

Estate Tax Planning

If your estate has significant value it may be subject to taxation when you die. Estate taxes are difficult to understand because they change every year. To stay informed about inflated taxes, exemptions, limits and more, contact us today. 

Medicaid Crisis Planning

It is best (and less expensive) to plan years ahead for the possibility of an extended stay in a nursing home, and we can help with that, but not everyone plans ahead. For those that did not plan ahead, there is crisis planning. We can help individuals qualify for Medicaid who might not otherwise qualify due to excess income or excess assets.

Special Needs Planning

Families understandably worry a little more about the well-being of a loved one with a disability. The actions you take now will impact their access to important benefits and other resources.

Trust Administration

A trust is usually part of a well-crafted estate plan. To protect the successor trustees, there are a number of things that must be performed to ensure proper administration. Working with an attorney while fulfilling these responsibilities will give you peace of mind that it is in accordance with the law and your intentions.

Veterans Aid

Many US military veterans and their spouses suffer from serious health issues as they grow older. The aid & attendance benefit is available to veterans and their families to assist in paying for long-term care. Cumberland Legacy Law can help you in determining what benefits you qualify for.

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