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By now you have no doubt noticed that the name of our firm has changed. That is because we physically moved to Crossville, Tennessee (!) and the name “Shasta” no longer makes sense.

This is where the typical business that has moved says they did it to “better serve you” from their “new and expanded” facilities and stuff like that. Well, that's not why we moved. We would like to say that was the case, but that would not be completely truthful. The truth is we moved to escape California's burdensome taxes and regulations. For those of you that are not aware, California and New York impose the highest overall tax burdens on their citizens, Tennessee the least (yes, 50th out of 50 states).

And while rules and regulations are great for attorneys who get paid to interpret them, they are not so great for the people in general who have to live under them, and we are people too! We had enough, so we left.

What does this mean for you, you ask? Nothing has changed (well, not much anyway). We will still call you every year to discuss whether you are still satisfied with your estate plan or need to make changes. We will still be able to draft any documents needed to implement any changes and send them to you by email or snail mail or overnight courier. We can still assist you with trust administration as needed. We can even notarize documents for you starting July 1, 2019, when Tennessee's new remote notarization law takes effect. Pretty cool, don't you think?! Soon it will be easier for us to notarize documents for you from Tennessee than it was when we were in Montague, CA.

Some of you know that we were looking for a home large enough to house our offices, in order to eliminate our daily commutes. We tried and tried but found nothing suitable for us in Siskiyou County, California. We did, however, find a very lovely home in Crossville, Tennessee. We keep our offices and break room downstairs and have a lovely reception area, waiting area/parlour, and conference room on the main level, and still have room for the kitchen, living room, a screened-in porch, and lots of bedrooms. There's a guest room waiting for you!

Please do update the contact information you have on file for us, especially our mailing address. Our 707 and 530 office telephone numbers still work; we simply added a 931 number to the mix, but our mailing address is different. Our old email addresses will still work for a few years but then we will probably phase them out. Find our new information on our Contact page.

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