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KittyCat is a male grey and white domestic shorthair cat born in 2008 (age 12 in 2020).  He used to have a “real” name, which was “Slim”, but then he got really fat and we stopped calling him that and started just calling him “KittyCat” and though he has since lost weight, now that is the only name he knows.  He had been feral as a kitten and just kind of moved in and has been an indoor-outdoor cat ever since.  He is super friendly.

Most likely you WILL meet KittyCat when you visit our office.  He nearly always wants to meet the new people, assuming he is indoors at the time.  If you are allergic or adverse to cats, please let us know so we can take steps to keep him cordoned off

 KittyCat is partial to men, so don't be surprised, if you are a guy, if he jumps in your lap and expects to be petted.  If you are female and he jumps in your lap that is quite a compliment because he normally doesn't give the ladies as much attention as he does the guys.

 During signing meetings he usually hangs out on Brian's lap while Brian is scanning and organizing documents.  Brian says he is a “real help.”


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