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Champ is a jet black male cat of unknown age.  He “came with the house”.  He has his own heated house on the front stoop of the office (look to the right as you are facing the front door).  The food and water bowls you see there are also his.  Nina and Brian would love to welcome him inside, but unfortunately KittyCat will have nothing to do with that, and Champ himself was anxious to escape back outside the one time he ventured indoors.

 Champ is very domesticated toward Brian and Nina but quite wary of strangers.  He is not aggressive, just wary.  Most likely you will not see him or, if you do, you will not likely be able to approach him.  If you are able to approach him, just move slowly and serenely and he might actually let you pet him.  If he does, count yourself very lucky, because you are one of the very few.


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